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    Hi all,
    I am an italian guy and I am running an art contest using YOP Poll.
    In one day I got 536 votes and this is good.
    I have an audience of more than 3000 users and almost 4000 user in my newsletter.

    Now in the contest the future winner has the double of votes of second place. So I started to check the IPs where vote come from.

    Now giving a quick look all seems ip familiar (almost all italian ISP).

    Is there a tool that I can use that:

    1. take all my ips in input and in one shot check if they are in some blacklist and so on?
    2. is able to understand if a group of ip can come from same domestic network … probably after turning on/off the router to get a new ip.
    3. is able if an IP come from a proxy server.

    Another question is if YOP is able to detect IP behind a proxy and block them. I know in PHP looking at HTTP header it is possible to understand if an IP is forwarded by a proxy and find out the original IP, but I do not know if YOP implement this.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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  • Plugin Author YOP


    Hi sasadangelo,

    For your first question, if you want to filter the results you can change the settings in phpmyadmin. Our plugin does not include these options yet.

    In regards to your second request, we are sorry but this option is not available. At the moment you can block users by IP, username or email. When an user votes, the plugin verifies the bans list.

    Regarding your last questions, our plugin does verify if the IP comes from a proxy server but this method is not completely trustworthy.

    Best wishes,

    YOP Team

    How it is possible I see 192.168 ip?
    Are they private ip?
    How is it possible I see them?

    Another strange thing is that I see ip that start with:


    do you think are fake ip? How that can happen? Should I ban these ips?

    Plugin Author YOP


    Hey sasadangelo,

    The IPs that start with 192. are private and there isn’t a method to really check a client’s IP as he can easily modify the request’s header.

    The only solutions is to ban those IP addresses.


    YOP Team

    You said:
    IP as he can easily modify the request’s header.

    How they can do this? Is there a tool to do that?

    A second question is:

    from your experience, would you remove from votes the following ips?

    1.x.x.x (class A ip address)
    2.x.x.x (class A ip address)

    9.x.x.x (class A ip address)

    A third question is:

    what would you do to find invalid vote?

    My polling completed yesterday with 966 votes. I exported in a csv file and now I have the following fields:

    * time
    * ip

    I do not have info about users, because I allowed also to anonymous to vote (probably this was my big mistake).

    Plugin Author YOP


    Hi sasadangelo,

    In creating our plugin one of our main concerns was (and still is) its safety and we are constantly working to make our plugin as safe as possible.

    In regards to your second question, you can visit this link and based on the list you can remove the IPs that look suspicious.

    You could look online for a tool that verifies IP addresses.

    Regarding your last question, verifying an IP is most likely to tell you if the vote was valid or not.

    Best wishes,

    YOP Team

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