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  • So I hate checkboxes in the settings API, I will tell you this much.

    I have a checkbox that I set up as such:

    		function aisis_theme_options_sidebar(){
    			$options = get_option('aisis_core_theme_setting_sidebar');
                <input type="checkbox" name="aisis_core_theme_setting_sidebar['no_side_bar']" value="0" <?php checked( $options['no_side_bar'], 0, true ); ?>  />

    which just sets up a unchecked check box. We all know this.

    The problem seems to be my validation:

    		function aisis_core_theme_sidebar_validation($input){
    			$options = get_option('aisis_core_theme_setting_sidebar');
    			$options['no_side_bar'] = $input['no_side_bar'];
    			update_option('admin_success_message', 'true');
    			return $options;

    I am essentially saying to store what ever is in the input into the options – which we all know.


    $input[‘no_side_bar’] is empty…..even if I check the box….

    How is this possible?

    Inputs and text areas work just fine.

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