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  • It’s a feature-rich plugin to be sure, but the description on here should state clearly that it watermarks images irreversibly, so people can have that in mind before installing it. I found a response to a post on the dfactory website stating that:

    “There is a way to remove watermark, but you’d need to do the following:

    1. Do not apply watermark to full size images
    2. Install any plugin that allows regenerating images (for e.g. AJAX Thumbnail Rebuild or Regenerate Thumbnails). Both allow you to regenerate images using an original (full size) image.
    3. Then, if your original (full size) image doesn’t have a watermark applied to it you may regenerete other image sizes and so remove watermark.”

    Which I personally think is a bit of a major flaw. Unless I’ve missed something, in which case please let me know and I’ll re-review it….

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    Thank you for looking at the plugin forum to find some information on that.

    I think we’ve answered to that kind of question before but I’d like to make it as clear as possible: that is EXACTLY what we were trying to achieve with that plugin, because that is the idea of watermarking.

    Watermark, to be effective, must be merged into a digital file (an image, video or sound). Otherwise it would not serve it’s purpose – to protect from usage in original form by others (from stealing, copying etc).


    Thanks for your response. I understand the concept of watermarking, but I was looking for a plugin that could overlay a watermark non-destructively which is possible on some photo management websites. My problem was that the description didn’t highlight this clearly and I would have looked elsewhere had I known that I would have to re-upload all the photos that I watermarked if I wanted to change them.

    Plugin Author dFactory


    I understand your situation and the problems you are into due to using our plugin. And I’m really sorry. To avoid situations like that we don’t recommend watermarking an original file in the plugin settings. We’ll think of stating it even more clearly.

    But that what you described as non-destructively watermarkig IS NOT watermarking in my opinion, no matter how you name it.

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