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    Hi. I try to be brief… I fell in love with wordpress, coming all the way from MS Frontpage…. I was convinced from the beginning.. now what do I need to know?…. First of all, before I put data in my site, I want to check if my backup works (I believe in backups). I use backupwordpress, which seems to work just fine, when downloading. Was I glad, once I understood that the save consists of database-stuff (sql) and normal datas. Now I want to check if it works, when uploading. So, very simple, I would like to make small changes in my index page, upload my index page again, and hopefully see the old, backuped version then. (I don’t want to upload the whole backup, there would be no need to. Hopefully).

    Problem: where would I find my index page: obviously, in the wordpress folder, but then? I searched wp-content, but to no avail. Maybe wordpress stores data differently, so what File / Data / Folder would I have to upload to check if my index page was propperly backuped?

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    You cannot restore a backup of a single page of your site. You can only restore a complete site backup.

    That was quick, thank you. May I ask, if (for my simple test) it would at least suffice to only upload the data – part. (Or to upload only the database – sql – part, for that matter). Thanks.



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    No. That’s the problem. You have to import the whole .sql file. This because one post will have many related entries across multiple tables. The best way to test your backups would to set up a separate clean install, change the urls in the .sql database to match the new url and then try importing it.

    Not as easy as with html…Thank you.

    You have to get your head around the idea that there are no “pages” in WP (or for that matter, any other database-driven web framework like WP).

    The text content for each “page” or “post” is stored in and retrieved from the database.

    The only files that you create with WP are the images/media files that you upload when you add them to your posts or pages; you only store the path to them in the database and then WP retrieves that from the DB when the “page” is then displayed in your browser.

    I started – again – working with wordpress, updated the newest version this morning. And – always wanting to be on the save side – above all, want a good backup. I understand – in the meantime about the way backups are done. So I installed backwpup. (1 000 000 users cannot fail?) just to find out, that it saves forever and does not go over 50% saving the archives and 10 % saving the zip. ..and takes hours.. I found no other post with this problem….? I host with 1+1 and have never had problems so far.

    I did save the .sql-part with the help of backwpup, that worked fine.
    What can I do.?

    I solved it myself. I get all the data (except the .sql stuff, where I use the backWPup- on-klick-backup) with filezilla, which down- and uploads everything just nicely. I like to have a feel for my data, so this suits me best. I am sure backWPup is fine for complex sites, which my site is not.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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