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  • Sean


    I was trying to upload a logo on a new theme-Kept getting the cheatin uh? error every time after updating to WP 3.4. There has been no working patch or fix on Internet, just “zip” fix files that can’t even be downloaded. I literally had to go back to my hosted domain and uninstall/reinstall old version and everything was fine- I will not update until someone posts An ACTUAL easy patch or fix on . This is causing problems especially for web designers with clients. Please fix as part as the “new and improved” 3.4.

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  • WeCanDoThat


    I have a client with Colorwave theme by Nitrografix and am experiencing the same issue.

    The workaround for me was to upload via the standard media manager and paste in URLs to the media in the theme-specific interfaces – awkward, but workable for the short term.

    While there could be some oversight by the WordPress team in this release, the odds are more likely that developers took shortcuts or made an oversight during theme development that led to this.

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    No, I’m not going to do any of that. Everything was fine, as other posters have said, until I upgraded to WP 3.4. And now it’s broken. It’s therefore a WP error and not a theme error

    That’s an understandable logical fallacy. Yes, WordPress’s change broke something, but it’s usually because the ‘something’ was doing_it_wrong(). Sometimes we developers make shortcuts and they’re a bad idea in the end. People aren’t perfect.

    However saying “I’m not going to do any of that.” is a short trip to never getting any of us to help you again. Why? Because part of fixing is determining what broke, and part of determining what broke is you putting in the legwork to help us by testing.

    What you were asked to do will narrow down if it’s a theme or a plugin.

    If you want our free help, you have to work with us rather than fight us.



    Started having the same problem as soon as I updated to 3.4 as well. My other sites with version 3.3 still work perfectly (with the same theme installed!). The only workaround, as @wecandothat said is to upload the image via the media library and copy and paste the link.

    Arie Putranto


    My theme was fine, a lot of themes are fine, a lot of people themes are fine. Why people judge that the core is breaking something despite the fact that maybe their theme or plugins is merely doing_it_wrong()?

    Hear what Esmi said (or read, actually):

    Sorry but the reality is that some badly coded themes broke WordPress 3.4. I suggest you take this up with the theme developers



    There are valid points on both sides of this argument that I agree with. However, I think that instead of concentrating on the principles and who owns the problem we should focus on a solution. I am looking into finding a generic solution for everyone (since I haven’t seen anything like it post it or attempted, mostly specific to particular themes) and will share it if I find it. Positive Energy will lead us to positive results.



    It took me an hour to figure out a quick generic workaround without having to completely re-install the previous version. This is by no means a fix yet, but this is what I’ve done to make it work for me. By the way, my problem was that I was unable to upload images.

    1. First, you need to have a copy of the previous version of WordPress (3.3.2). Or at least these two files located in the wp-admin directory:


    Once you have those two files, rename/backup the ones currently in that directory and replace them with these ones. Boom! works. Like I said, not pretty but it’s some progress. Now, if you are having the “Cheatin” message on some other page I suggest replacing that page with the WP version 3.3.2 AND also replacing the admin.php file.

    The Problem is in the way the User ID and Permissions are supposed to be passed down from page to page and apparently some themes (as mentioned before) don’t play nice with the new and “improved” version. Well, that’s it for me now. I hope this was at least somewhat helpful to anyone. Keep up the good work!



    @breakingbad – thank you for the fix (going to try it now).

    If you need the earlier version of WP, there is an archive here:



    A quick fix..

    edit 1 file: wp-admin\media-upload.php
    Line #: 126
    wp_die( __( ‘Cheatin’ uh?’ ) );
    *ADD two //
    // wp_die( __( ‘Cheatin’ uh?’ ) );

    Then the upload will work..



    I solved it by renaming the theme folder and eliminating any spaces between the letters.

    There were spaces in the file/folder name?

    BreakingBad’s solution is not a good idea. You may fix this problem but you might end up breaking something else since 3.4 may depend on something in its ‘admin.php’ and ‘media-upload.php’ that are not in the older ones. I haven’t checked but there may be security updates in there too. And the problem will get worse the more files you replace.

    Thaideas’ solution looks to me like it disables some security features, so I don’t think it is a good solution either.



    Agreed with @s_ha_dum. Editing core files (or replacing them with previous versions) is never a good solution. You will invariably introduce security and other issues.

    For instance, @thaideas‘ solution above disables a user capability security check which, when implemented will allow any user on your blog to upload files to your server. If you’ve posted a link to your blog in this thread and implemented the patch, you’ve also thrown open the barn doors for hackers.

    The issue is with the theme as demonstrated above by switching to the built-in twentyeleven theme which works fine. The issue is not with the WordPress core. I know it’s frustrating, but find out what is broken in the theme.



    Elegant Themes has apparently fixed their themes in the latest versions. I verified their one-line fix described in this thread.



    open media-upload.php from admin folder.
    goto line# 125
    remove line#125 and replace it with below
    if ( ! empty( $_REQUEST[‘post_id’] ) && current_user_can( ‘edit_post’ , $_REQUEST[‘post_id’] ) )

    don’t change line#126 ..
    and start uploading from front end.. πŸ™‚



    This is ridiculous, its happening across all theme providers and not just Elegant Themes.

    So to fix the problem we have to go in and change code or roll back to a previous version? What about some people that are running 500+ sites?

    Unbelievable, do you know how much time this is going to cost me?

    Incredible, thank god for other content management systems. Safe to say my last wp install was on 06/16/12.

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    For the love of everything, do not edit core.

    Just don’t. Pease, you will regret it.

    This is happening because your theme was built in an … incorrect manner. It’s what we call doing_it_wrong() and, as with all these things, sometimes doing it wrong causes no problems for years, decades even. Until something else is fixed and the loophole breaks.

    I am sorry that your themes are doing these things, but editing core is the wrong thing. Fix the themes. If the theme author can’t (or won’t) then its time for a new theme.

    Finally, if your business relies on your website, and you’re not testing before you upgrade, you need to realize that the onus of your website is on you, and no one else. Test first. Always. You can do it cheaply, just by making a second install or copying your DB to a second location.

    Andrea Rennick


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    Just to find commonalities, what web host is everyone on that has this error?

    If you;re all on the same web host….

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