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    I have a site that’s been up for 3-4 weeks and is working just fine. It’s for a small church, and I have one user beside myself – the office manager, who is set as an “editor.” He logs on once a week or so to make small edits in event dates and such, but I’m the only person who does any serous work on content or structure.

    Today, when this editor went to log on, he got rejected with a one line screen with “Cheatin’?” PLEASE NOTE! This is not the infamous “Cheatin uh?” it’s slightly different. I can’t find any mention in these forums or elsewhere of this exact message. Also, all the mentions of the “Cheatin’ Uh?” message relate to things like uploading art or other actions AFTER one is logged in. This rejection blocks you from logging in at all.

    I did some systematic checking, and WP is now preventing anyone from logging on at any level below admin. Because I haven’t had any problem myself, I don’t have an exact date for when this started that I could connect with an update or some change I made on the site. All I know is that in the past week or two, my editor has lost the ability to log in.

    The only trouble-shooting I’ve done is to try disabling all my plug-ins, and that did not help.

    Has anyone run into this before? Has anyone seen this unique “Cheatin’?” message?

    If not, can someone who really understands the admin side of WP point me toward the files where I might find this and give me an idea of how to just disable this trap?


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  • Did you try Twenty Eleven theme and see if the problem persists?

    Thank you Thank you. It did go away when I switched to 2011, and I remember there was a minor update a few days ago for the theme, so that’s looking VERY suspicious.

    I remember there was a minor update a few days ago for the theme, so that’s looking VERY suspicious.

    Which theme were you using?

    That site uses Accende, a lovely church-specific theme that just came out this summer. Luckily, the guy who developed it is very responsive. It turns out that the update he sent last week was indeed the cause, and this morning he sent me an revised update that has everything working right again.

    Good to know Spoffo! I am experiencing the same thing with Accende also, so it is good to know the author is on top of it. You saved me lots of stress because I am new with WordPress, and I didn’t have a clue if it was my fault or not!

    Yeah. If you haven’t gotten it already, E mail Andi directly and he’ll send you a new version of optionpanel.php that solves the problem.

    Hello all,
    it was indeed a bug of our theme, preventing non-administrators to access the administration panel.

    we`ve fixed it and updated the theme. i would like to apologize for the problems caused by this.

    this discussion can now be marked as “solved”, because it`s not a WP error, but rather a theme-bug.

    thank you,

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