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  • Is there have the capabilities to prepare cheat sheets for mathematical formulas? Like a big overview. In Latex?
    How can we prepare cheat sheets?

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  • Are you asking how to do that in general or specifically online? I would answer both questions with yes, though for an offline cheat sheet with LaTeX you should ask in another forum.

    For an online solution you should be able to use WP QuickLaTeX (maybe after loading additional packages) to fill in the formulas you need in whatever layout you want the cheat sheet to be (list, table etc.).

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    can you please suggest me step by step how can I manage

    Can you describe what you are going for in more detail? There are many ways to achieve a cheat sheet, so a quick solution if you e.g. want to just have a big list with all the formulas:

    1. Install and activate WP QuickLaTeX
    2. If needed customize your preamble and load additional packages (for most mathematical formulas you should be fine with the default settings)
    3. Create a new page and name it e.g. “Cheat Sheet”
    4. If you don’t use the option for sitewide LaTeX syntax, put “[latexpage]” (without quotation marks) at the top of your page
    5. Create a list with formula and explanation per entry; you can use the usual LaTeX syntax in every entry

    This can of course be tweaked in various ways (using spoilers instead of the list; having different pages for different subjects like geometry or linear algebra…).

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    How to show formulas in table form & graph coloured graph etc please check the below URL

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    When you set up your page accordingly, you can just use the usual LaTeX syntax, so $x^2+1=0$ will display as an inline formula, \begin{align}x^2+1=0\end{align} will give an align-environment. The table on the page you linked is a LaTeX table (which will be inserted as an image into your page, so be careful with that).

    You might also want to take a look here: Quick Introduction

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