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  • I just want to point out something to the job posters and those of you looking for freelance work.

    Proposing a budget of $300 for a site redesign that handles video etc, is insulting. Even for those of you who are starting out, I would encourage you to never respond to these posts. These people either have no money or no understanding of what goes into working with WordPress (and making websites in general).

    Posts like this are the problem:

    Always ask for advice if you aren’t sure you getting paid enough to do what you are doing. Also set an hourly rate, stick to it and then tell prospective clients with budgets how many hours that will get them.

    This job would only give me 5 hours to work on a site redesign…the quality of that redesign will reflect the time spent on it.

    Anyway, good luck to all of you and I hope more people speak up on this issue. Do not let yourself be taken advantage of.

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  • I completely agree. Too many times I read what the client wants and then what they are willing to offer for compensation and I think to myself “good luck with that…” I wouldn’t do it.

    However, there are literally dozens of people (a.k.a someone with an editor) willing to do the work for the offered price, sometimes even less.

    To potential clients I say, you will absolutely get what you pay for and eventually you will end up paying the price you would have paid… if you had hired a reliable professional to begin with. Understanding today’s ever-changing technology, knowing how to implement and integrate it with other evolving technologies is not something you should presume you know the price of if your business and vocation is selling real estate. Ok – maybe that’s all you can afford in your budget; to that I say lower your expectations or find some investment money. You can’t purchase the Porsche if you can only afford one of the spark-plugs.

    I agree with livelearncreate developers worth their salt should never entertain the idea of taking on a site redesign complete with multi-member signups, video streaming, live chat, e-commerce, blogging, Google advertising, social interaction, and the hundreds of other “gotta-haves” for price of a overnight stay at a Marriott Hotel (without breakfast).

    Yet, I see it done all the time. I’ve been developing software of all types for over 30 years… that experience alone is worth more than $300…

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