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  • Resolved Paul Thomson


    Hello Braekling,

    I was wondering whether I might be able to suggest a couple of minor improvements that could be introduced into future releases?

    In the Overview widget that is available in the dashboard, it would be great to see another column added that shows the stats for the previous period (ie, if you’re displaying a month overview, you can compare it to last months stats), next to which a % increase/decrease; similar to how Google analytics works when you compare one date with another.
    – This would allow people to get a better idea of the sites improvements over time and would make a fine addition to your plugin.

    For the Chart improvement, it would be great to have an option (checkbox in settings?) whether or not to display the current dates analytics. I personally would not like to show todays analytics as it brings down the sparkline and leaves a negative feel to the sites performance as people rarely take note of the date on the x-axis.

    Maybe also include some small labels on the axis to further clarify what the graph is showing, displaying the month below the 01st day of the month would be a great solution.

    I’m excited to see what changes have been made in

    Keep up the good work, donation coming soon!


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  • Plugin Author braekling


    Previous period: Sound great. I’m not sure if this data is delivered by Piwik itself. In the other case I have to add the caching feature first – otherwise WP-Piwik will slow down.

    To avoid displaying today’s data, you can choose yesterday as default date. See Settings -> Statistics -> First checkbox.

    Instead of small labels to describe the graph, I added a hover description (hover the graph with your mouse pointer to read the description).

    Because of the limited room to design the graph, and the restricted time period, I left date details out. They will be added if longer time periods are possible, of course.

    Thanks André.

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