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    Hello! It’s been a long time since I am up here! Thanks in advance. I am a moderate WordPress User, but pretty darn new to WooCommerce. Every new challenge requires research.
    So, I have built a simple ecommerce page for a friend which sells Kombucha. Now he has requested that for certain products he needs to charge a refundable bottle deposit (Note: ONLY CERTAIN PRODUCTS). So, I have found plugins which will charge a fee by product, by quantity…so charging a deposit I can do.

    But, its the tracking of these that confounds me. Since it is a refundable item, how best to implement that? Should there be a “deposit refund” product with a negative value that gets credited when bottles are returned? And how to apply that to a particular customer…does it mandate a back-end add-on which allows customer billing management, and thereby requiring customers to log in to their accounts?

    As I mentioned, the best practice and necessary plugins are overwhelming for a very simple website. Any advice/direction is greatly appreciated.


    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    Hi there,

    I would have the customer initiate each refund.

    Setup the refund as a stand alone simple product.
    Force the refund to be bundled with required products (i.e. WooCommerce Force Sells).
    Customer can initiate refund request.
    Shop owner checks and confirms refund (i.e. WooCommerce Smart Refunder).

    Kind regards,


    Hi Con, thanks so much for this excellent possibility. Using Smart Refunder, can it be made to refund only the deposit if the deposit and original item are linked with Force Sells?

    I will suggest this solution to the owner of the site. He has to spend the money!




    Hi guys,

    Following this topic because I had the same refundable problematic with an woocommerce website.

    Thx for the tip, Con, I’ll check your method 🙂

    A few question though:
    – do you think that only the customer should initiate the refund request, or can the shop owner do it before the refund process is initiated by the customer? It’s a pure marketing or client behavior question, the trick is to maybe get the benefits from the clients which forget to get the refunds, but maybe the refund request might add an extra step in the order that could be unproductive… thoughts?

    – The website I’m working on sells liquids, rice etc, so I’m using a specific unit of measure plugin. Which means my bottle sizes are different (and so will be the refunds) depending on the amount of product the customer orders
    Would the bundle trick work, or should there be some conditional rules to add for each product?

    thx 🙂

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