• My company is just starting to offer WordPress sites, but I need to bring in an outside contractor to develop my themes, etc. Can anyone offer a ballpark that I should 1. pay a contractor to turn my PSDs into a theme, templates, etc. and 2. charge an end-client? Most seem to want just the standard About Us, Our Products, Recommendations, Contact Us and a blog. Obviously I’ll be able to develop a formula once we have a few under our belt, but for the first few, we’re really out of our element.

    Thank you.

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    This kind of question isn’t really suited to these forums. I am sure there are far better places to you canvas people for this kind of information.

    OK, I’m sorry. I really have no idea where else to look for this kind of information.

    Perhaps I can ask a different question which would help me figure it out on my own?

    Once I become efficient at developing custom themes, how many hours should it take me to create one?

    Having someone turning PSD’s into CMS themes can be costing actually a few hundred dollars per PSD, atleast if it is WordPress themes, pretty much ‘cheapier’ if it is HTML themes, but still could cost quite some… incase you weren’t thinking of this… I can’t recommend any site or anyone doing PSD ‘converting’ though.

    How long it takes you to create themes depends on what themes you are creating and for what CMS if any, or simply HTML and perhaps most of all how comfortable you feel with programming..

    Of course it is possible you could team up with a person, but then you will need to find that person – that perhaps most of all believe the design(s) will be a success.

    Thank you very much, Felix. I haven’t even looked at PHP yet, so I don’t know how fast I’ll pick it up at all. I was only thinking about WordPress at this point. I can develop my own HTML easily. PHP is always needed for WordPress, though, right?

    I guess I’ll start by dissecting some custom themes and seeing how much sense they make.

    Thank you, again.

    There are lots of PSD to WP services out there. Here are a bunch from a simple google search: https://www.google.com/search?sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8&q=psd+to+wordpress

    I would caution you to find a developer that you can trust and does great work! Even if you have to pay more it’s worth it. Hope that helps!

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