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  • I’m a server engineer and full stack developer. I recently reported a bug that would not only fix, but improve this plugin for everyone. Apparently my time isn’t enough and the plugin plugin developer wants money. And who cares about everyone else right?

    My time, identifying, debugging, and reporting an issue is pure gold and worth 100x what your begging for in donations for support. Go figure.

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  • Plugin Author Ajay



    This review is absolutely inaccurate. You filled in the form at about 18:14 UK time on my contact page and confirmed that you made a donation – which I haven’t received.

    In spite of that I have responded to your email at about 19.05 and pointed out that the output on the site where you pointed the issue doesn’t come from my plugin.

    I have not charged you for any support nor demanded any money from you. All donations are voluntary for users who choose to contribute for my help and support. Other users post support threads in the forums and I respond to them.

    Thread Starter ultraflux79


    It is 1000% accurate.

    I specifically said I did not make a donation, outside of my time. From identifying, debugging, and (at this point patching) the issue I’m sitting around $300. Most would class this as a donation where I’m from. And more so given this benefits every single user who uses this plugin.

    Is this not a demand? “Hence, if you would like to receive support via Email please consider a donation of at least $100. This is to help pay for my time versus hiring any outside consultant.”

    Basically sum this up as, piss off unless you send money.

    You can’t pretend this isn’t yours.
    <?php if ( function_exists( 'echo_crp' ) ) { echo_crp(); } ?>

    Support here is fine, but when it comes to professionals submitting bugs, taking the time to help, and fixing your plugin. Your approach is all wrong.

    Plugin Author Ajay


    Indeed those words are from my support page. They fall under the Paid (donation based) support section. Many users have availed of that and have received support via email. I don’t see this as a demand for payment when it is completely optional to avail of that route of support.

    Almost all other users ask for support in these forums. I wouldn’t be surprised if these also include other developers and professionals.

    When you submitted the support form, you checked the box confirming you donated, which you hadn’t. As I mentioned in the previous post, I responded to your email within an hour.

    As you’ve referenced the code above, I’d like to help clarify with the hope that you’d change your mind on this review/rating.

    echo_crp is the function from my plugin that displays the Related Posts wherever it is included in the theme. This allows advanced users to have better control over where they would like to display the posts.

    On the site you mentioned in the email, from what I can see, the output where you’ve mentioned has issues is under “Instant Pot Favorites”. This doesn’t come from echo_crp().

    echo_crp() outputs the “You might also like” section. You’ll note that there are no category links in this section as echo_crp doesn’t output any category links. These posts are wrapped in the a div tag with the crp_related class.

    This image with the HTML code where you’ve pointed there are the category links causing issues has HTML that is not created echo_crp().

    A quickest way to verify this, would be to delete the echo_crp code above from your theme:
    <?php if ( function_exists( 'echo_crp' ) ) { echo_crp(); } ?>

    Alternatively, you can deactivate the plugin. Before doing so, please ensure that the function_exists portion of the code above is present or the entire code is deleted as not doing so could cause errors on the site.

    Unfortunately, I understand from the follow-up email you sent me, that you might in fact delete my plugin for your client and move on, which I can understand.

    On a separate note, this plugin is free, open source and the code is in Github. A few developers have contributed small and large fixes over the years as is the case with many open source WordPress plugins (or open-source software in general).

    I’m sure you’ll appreciate in checking your client’s site and responding to your emails and this review, I’m spent a considerable amount of time. And, all of this, is of course, for free.

    I don’t believe there is anything to fix in the plugin, at least based on the email you sent me and the time I’ve spent analysing the outputs. Obviously, if there is something to fix in my plugin, I’d be more than happy to do so.

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