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  • Hello,

    I have been back and forth with WP support email with no luck so far.

    The end of last month I saw a strange charge on my bank statement for $12 WP-FEE. I google WP-FEE and came back with info that it was a wordpress charge. I am still rather unclear what the charge is for, but I think I know what site of mine it was associated with.

    I purchased a domain in march of last year, and a few months later began using to set it up. I used Dreamhost to host, and with their service I was given access to google analytics and “” email.

    I didnt use the site as much as I intended, and as of March of 2011, the domain expired. I no longer have access to the emails associated with this site. I have no idea what my wp password was for this site. Apparently if I could access that account I could at least get in there and change whatever charge to not re-occur.

    Support has told me thus far they need at least one of the following in order to give me a refund and stop the re-occurring charges:

    *API key related to the account (supposed to be in an email I received when I set up the account- to repeat myself, I no longer have access to this email)

    17-digit transaction ID

    I am at a loss. I sent support a screen shot of an online bank statement as proof I was charged, but this was not enough information apparently to link it to a specific account. I know it’s only $12, but I don’t want to pay $12 every year for a site I no longer have. What can I do? Can anyone help me?


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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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