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  • I noticed this plugin converts the slugs correctly for the most part, with the exception of slugs that end in the characters H, T, M, or L, which will get stripped off.

    For example:
    shortens to

    shortens to

    This is moving from the year/month/post.html permalink format to just /post/ permalink format.

    It’s only those 4 letters at the end that get stripped, other slugs are just fine. Guessing it’s a bug with the stripping of the .html that is causing it.

    So strange, it’s happened to me on two separate sites I’ve used this for, and caused me to have to go back through ALL my slugs one at a time and fix the problem ones.

    A fix would be greatly appreciated!

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  • oncecoupled


    Any update on a resolution for this?




    I do have a theory though… both sites where this happened to me had changed the permalink format from blogger’s /year/month/postname.html to /postname/… I have a feeling it’s the removing of the .html there that’s the problem. If/when I have to use this again I’m going to try importing with the same permalink structure, see if that doesn’t skirt around the issue, and then update the permalink structure once everything is imported.



    I just tried importing with the same permalink structure and the problem persisted, unfortunately.

    I have the same issue, as well. It would be great to find a resolution!

    I found a solution! After Blogger Importer Extended is complete, I downloaded, installed, activated, and ran Justin’s “Maintain Blogger Permalinks” plugin:

    It worked perfectly. It gave me a list of the updates that happened and the only changes (since Blogger Importer Extended had preserved a, an, and the in the slugs) were to add back in the h, t, m, or l when necessary at the end of a post slug.

    I’d love to see the plugin author fix this issue, but until then, at least we have a solution!

    Hi @gretchenlouise,

    That’s a nice find! Can you confirm what you said here “since Blogger Importer Extended had preserved a, an, and the in the slugs”?

    I understand Blogger strips these, and Blogger Importer Extended copies the slug exactly from blogger, so the a, an, and the, would still not be included in the imported permalink. Correct?


    I’m sorry, Nick, I was speaking to what I was seeing in the Blogger sitemap I was working on and it was somewhat different than what Justin says on his Maintain Blogger Permalink page regarding the articles a, an, and the.

    This Blogger blog includes the word the in the slugs, so Justin’s plugin simply fixed the endings that had been truncated by Blogger Importer Extended, making the slugs match the originals (with the word the).

    What I meant to convey is that the only changes the Maintain Blogger Permalinks plugin did was to fix the truncated endings; it didn’t add or remove anything else from the slugs because Blogger Importer Extended had already preserved the rest of the slug.

    In other words, Justin’s plugin references the custom field “blogger_permalink” (if present from the import) to do its work and makes sure the WordPress slug matches that. I hope that clarifies the issue. Sorry for the confusion!

    Ok, thanks Gretchen, that makes sense!


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