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  • My blog has some of the characters scrambled particualy where quotation marks and apostophes are used. This occurs on the main page and the prior posts. What is more confusing is that if you look at the blog you may notice nothing wrong at first but if you go to a prior post then return to the home page the scrambling will occur throughout the blog. However sometimes it occurs when entering the blog initially. Any help would be appreciated. (Please forgive the ranting in the blog 🙂

    I am using the Tiga Template. The blog is actually located in a subdirectory called “blog1” and the first page seems to be in both the root directory and the subdirectory but I only see it in the subdirectory when using the FTP tool.

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  • I checked the link you listed. Apparently UTF-8 is less reliable if I understand your note correctly. But when I log into my blog going to WordPress options/reading it suggests to use UTF-8 as the preferred encoding for the blog.

    I also noticed under options/writing the following was “unchecked” (WordPress should correct invalidly nested XHTML automatically)

    While I have had another website for several years it was via frontpage and hence I never got into the behind the scenes nitty gritty. For my WordPress Blog I am using a tool called “post2blog”. It has checked under options both “generalte XHMTL Code” and “Unicode Text enabled”.

    Please forgive the newbie inquiry. Is this a XHMTL, or CSS or template issue inside of WordPress?

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