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  • My wordpress database is backed up through my web host console. When I had an issue with the site last week I had it restored from the backup, but all the posts are truncated. From researching, it seems the problem is caused by a character set mismatch, as the posts seem to be cut off whenever a foreign language character appears (which is often, because it’s a travel site).

    I am not a programmer. This is my first experience with mySQL databases, and I don’t know my way around them at all. The only thing I could find that addressed the problem was this article from 2007, whose solution seems a bit beyond my skill level.

    Does anyone know of a more recent, simpler fix? I’m hoping that the data is still in the backup file and that the truncation is happening on restore, but I don’t know how to look inside the backup file to see if the posts are complete in the backup database. Is there a way to open and look at the dmp file from rainyday-wrd_hmoebknkc6-8-19-2011.dmp.gz

    I did not do the restore. I had it done by my site host, but they don’t have expertise in WordPress.

    I’m really hoping the data is still there in the backup. It took months to recreate the entire site in WordPress and I was just trying to redirect the home page to the WordPress site, when everything went haywire.

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