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    A few things…

    First, I added a call for the “inset” style image that Blizzard uses. I prefer those to the smaller avatar.

    (I have other customizations as well, but that’s the big one)

    For anyone wanting to use the “inset” pictures:

    Open wowpiimageprocessing.php
    On line 58, add:

    $inset_image_uri = 'http://render-'.$region.''.$image_uri_arr[0].'/'.$image_uri_arr[1].'/'.$image_uri_arr[2].'-inset.jpg';

    On line 76, add:

    $inset_image_get = file_get_contents($inset_image_uri);
          if($inset_image_get!==false) {

    Open wowpi_views.php
    On line 121, change “avatar” to “inset”, or replace the whole line with…

    echo '<a href="'.$upload_dir['baseurl'].'/wowpi/character_profile_'.$thumbnail.'.jpg'.'"><img src="'.$upload_dir['baseurl'].'/wowpi/character_inset_'.$thumbnail.'.jpg'.'" class="character_image" /></a>';

    Second, images get outdated as soon as someone changes their transmog. I don’t know how to force-update the image…I have the character update set to every 2 hours in settings, but a full 12 hours later, characters are still out of date. Which leads to…

    Third, rather than downloading the image onto our site (which is going to get bloated over time) I’d like to just link to the images that Blizzard has directly. I think it will be much faster loading as well (though obviously if Blizzard changes the link style again it will require updating, but I’m willing to deal with that should it happen).

    I’m not really a PHP wizard, so I haven’t attempted to construct that myself. If anyone would like to tackle that, I’m keeping an eye open for updates. Alternatively I may tackle it and later update this page with results. Essentially I’d be linking to http://render-[REGION][PERSONALIZED CHARACTER INFO]

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    Hello, it would be great if we could talk about what more should I implement. So, if you could write me an email with ideas, I will be very grateful. Thank you for your analysis here.

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