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  • Patryk


    Do you really need to change element classes (CSS) with every, even small, update? At the moment, practically every update I have to sit down at the CSS and change classes and identifiers of the elements for which I have set my own look (e.g. lesson details, so that they are not so narrow; bullet points in lesson details). Overall the code is very chaotic, even sloppy in places. Many elements cannot be easily/sensibly styled.

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  • UCDguy


    Agreed. Every time I update, I need to spend hours, if not days, fixing up my CSS again.

    I didn’t need to do that on LearnDash. Very frustrating.

    Riya Malhotra


    Hey, I also use Tutor, but I didn’t face such issue. Did you write CSS codes in their stylesheets or overriding their files? In that case naturally in every update your codes will be erased.

    And, secondly, the way I did it, I picked such selectors that has no chance of deletion by them. If you know CSS well then you should know which ones generally don’t get changed. You can make them selector.

    Thread Starter Patryk


    Of course the extra CSS is in the style.css of the child theme, for example.

    Anyway, this code doesn’t disappear, only selectors change (classes, nesting of elements). And it’s not the first time such change.

    And that in Your case (Your mod) it doesn’t happen – I’m glad. But this is anecdotal evidence đŸ˜‰

    Anyway, it’s not like everything changes with every update, so maybe You just modify the look of other elements.

    Thread Starter Patryk


    For a quick example of an element and its evolution:

    `”About Lesson” in lesson description:


    div.tutor-course-single-content-wraper div#tutor-single-entry-content.tutor-quiz-single-entry-wrap.sidebar-hidden div.tutor-course-spotlight-wrapper div.tutor-spotlight-tab.tutor-default-tab.tutor-course-details-tab div.tutor-fs-6.tutor-fw-medium.tutor-color-black


    div.tutor-course-single-content-wraper div#tutor-single-entry-content.tutor-quiz-single-entry-wrap.sidebar-hidden div.tutor-course-spotlight-wrapper div.tutor-tab.tutor-course-spotlight-tab div.tutor-container div.tutor-fs-5.tutor-fw-medium.tutor-color-black.tutor-mb-12


    div.tutor-course-single-content-wrapper div#tutor-single-entry-content.tutor-quiz-single-entry-wrap div.tutor-course-topic-single-body div.tutor-course-spotlight-wrapper div.tutor-tab.tutor-course-spotlight-tab div.tutor-container div.tutor-row.tutor-justify-center div.tutor-col-xl-8 div.tutor-fs-5.tutor-fw-medium.tutor-color-black.tutor-mb-12

    Seemingly similar, yet different. And this is the first example. There are many such changes from version to version. Anyway, this applies not only to CSS classes and nesting of elements, but also other things.

    In fact, after each update you have to review everything, whether it is really as it should be. Even WooCommerce does not require so much care for updates, because there even with major changes they take care of backward compatibility.

    Plugin Support Jobayer Al Mahmud Tuser


    Hello @prcpl,

    We are very sorry that you are getting this kind of problem I will let know our team check over it and also show your mail to them.

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