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    Trying to setup this plugin and while entering information about my channel and Twitch app, I get the error message that the channel name I entered is invalid. My twitch channel is ThatGirlSlays. I tried it both with the capitalization and all lowercase but it says no such channel exists.

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  • Plugin Author Ryan R. Bayne



    Thank you for coming to me about this. It’s a very new plugin and I’m actually working on it right now and I’ll run some tests regarding this issue.

    I’ll do that within the next couple of hours but I’m working on the next big update for the plugin. I just started yesterday and it will take 2 weeks. So this is a good opportunity to let me know exactly what you need your WordPress site to do with the Twitch API.

    Plugin Author Ryan R. Bayne


    I’ve not managed to re-create the error. It is possible that it was temporary or the “get_headers” function is disabled on your hosting. I can do some work to help figure it out.

    Here is the code I think I should be looking at and the message I think your talking about.

            $headers = @get_headers( '' . $main_channel );
            if( !$headers ) {
                TwitchPress_Admin_Notices::add_custom_notice( 'wizardchanneldoesnotexist', sprintf( __( 'The channel you entered was not found. You entered %s. Please check the spelling and try again.'), esc_html( $main_channel ) ) );

    thanks for the fast reply (and also coming by my stream). Where should I put that $headers code at?

    In terms of what I’m looking for in the plugin: I like the idea of posting a blog/page/custom-post-type on my WP site and that being automatically published in my Twitch feed (not the full post just a link to the post with some sort of editable description like “Hey a new posted called ‘%postname%’ was just published at %siteurl%'”. I would also like this functionality to work the other way. When I post a new Twitch status, perhaps there be some custom post type that gets updated as well that can then be queried in a sidebar widget. Or it would probably just be easier if there was a way to “embed” my actual Twitch channel feed into my WP site.

    Plugin Author Ryan R. Bayne


    Not a problem.

    I wasn’t meaning to suggest you edit anything. I’ve actually just released an update which focuses on making the Setup Wizard smoother. It should solve your problem.

    I’m hoping this update is enough to get a good review because this new project only has one review so far…and the guy done 1 star! So I’m trying hard and I’m here to help.

    Custom Post Type
    TwitchPress has a custom post type and the plan is to offer every feature possible for those. So widget are certainly possible and just around the corner.

    Embedding Extension
    TwitchPress has an extension system. An extension will be created for embedding channels.

    Thank you. I was able to complete the set up. I published a “twitch feed” post on my WP site and it went to my my Twitch page as expected. It would be nice if I could assign other posts types, for example Posts or Pages, to publish to Twitch as well. Not the full body of the post just the title. For example: In my TwitchPress settings I have the prepend message saying “A new post was published on my website:” so I would like this to go to Twitch followed by my post title for things like regular blog posts and pages.

    Plugin Author Ryan R. Bayne


    Glad you got some joy and it’s just the beginning for this project.

    I think it is a good idea to allow all post types to be shared. I created a new issue on the projects GitHub which can be followed for updates on it’s completion.

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