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  • I’m a total newbie and I want my site to be more like a static-page site (like for a company — in this case, my own business) than a blog. I’ve figured out how to make a page the front page for the site, and how to edit the words in the “body” of the page. But I’d like to change other stuff on the page — like, delete “just another WordPress weblog” as a subtitle to the title, and get rid of all the boxes for posts and comments.

    How can I do this?

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  • Welcome to WordPress and happy new year.

    You can get so far with the settings in WordPress itself – take a look at the Edit Pages/Posts screen to disable comments on individual posts, or Settings > Discussion to turn off for all new pages/posts.

    Settings > General will allow you to edit the Title and strap line (the “another wordpress blog” bit).

    You might need to edit your theme for some things though – Appearance > Editor. This is where your html/css/php knowledge comes into its own.

    A lot depends on your theme. If you can post a link to your site, the name of your theme, and some specific items you want to change, we might be able to give more exact instruction.

    Thanks. The strap line tip worked (doh). As for my knowledge coming into its own. I don’t have any. But I’m making progress.

    Vtxyzzy —

    OK, here’s my site:

    I found a theme (arclite 2.02) that’s pretty “clean.” I wouldn’t mind getting rid of Archives, and possibly Meta (though I kinda like the on-screen sign on).

    Are there any themes that are more designed for static web-site type uses, instead of blogs (with all the post/comment/archive fields)?

    Also, when editing the text entry, I couldn’t get a double-space (between lines) to represent on the site, so I had to type in the dashed line above my name. Can you help there?

    Thanks. I apologize for being so clueless. Then again, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

    If you go to Admin->Appearance->Widgets, you can open the drop-down for the sidebar by clicking on the down-arrow at the right end of the title bar. Then drag the Archives widget back to the ‘Available Widgets’ box to take it out of the sidebar.

    As for the login, I use the Ajax Login Widget++ plugin.

    The WP editor takes out empty paragraphs, but you can use a non-breaking space to keep a paragraph in the HTML, like this:


    Don’t apologize for not knowing, apologize for not learning!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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