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  • Hello!

    I would like to change my developer screenname to my real name for networking purposes; eg: adbox = My Real Name.

    Or, maybe my display name (which is my real name) could be detectable by the contributor detection processand I could place my full name in readme.txt and it would associate with the other projects under my screen-name ‘adbox’.

    What do you think? Is any of this possible? I appreciate any help! I’d be happy to work with someone offsite too if it helps.

    Thanks for the attention!

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  • Changing your username is not possible. If you want to create a new user account and use that instead, then you can do so.

    The readme.txt requirements require your username, not your full name. It is not possible to change this.

    Ok cool I understand. Thanks for the response!

    Since it’s not possible to change the main username, would the development team consider modifying the plugin repository API to use the contributor’s selected display name?

    For example I notice that if a wordpress plugin contributor listed in the plugin’s readme.txt has an account with wordpress it will auto-link to the user’s profile page, and if it doesn’t it just appears as a plain unlinked name. Maybe when the system checks to see if the contributor is in the database it can return that contributor’s preferred display name hyperlinked to the profile rather than the username hyperlinked to the profile?

    What do you think?

    No, because display names are changeable and non-unique. Use your username in the readme.txt file.

    On a plugin download/information page [1] where contributors are listed, it lists the username rather than the display name. I’d like it to display the display name rather than the username. Eg: honor the selected display name on that page like it does here on the forums.

    This will take a tweak in the code though methinks. Will you forward it to be considered by the board? Or if you’ve the power, make a quick adjustment so it pulls the display name of the user rather than the username?





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    Um – that’s not going to be a “quick adjustment”, as far as I can tell, It’s going to be a pretty massive change that could impact on other areas under the umbrella.

    I can’t know for sure since I’ve never taken a peak inside. But I still got a feeling the functions are already there… maybe something like a get_profile_display_name(‘usernamehere’); And then when the api that designs the plugin download/information page from readme.txt sees that a contributor name is recognized as having a profile it runs that function to get the display name while it’s building the link to the user profile.

    It’s already detecting whether or not a contributor in readme.txt has an associated profile and linking to it if it does. This would just an an extra step in the link building process that checks for the user’s set display name and use’s it as the link anchor.

    Don’t you guys think that’s a good idea?



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    I can’t know for sure since I’ve never taken a peak inside.

    Me neither. Well, not on here anyway. And the last word is definitely down to Otto. But I do know that that various part of are deeply interlinked in such a way that making small changes in one part aren’t as easy as they might first appear.

    At best I could see maybe changing the plugin extend/plugins page to extract display name from the user name, and show that. Adding in more extra steps though may not be a good idea 😉

    That sounds good.

    How is the issue elevated forward? What do you think?

    *points up at Otto* He’d be able to say for sure.

    Oh. I thought you were talking about in the readme.txt file and such, not just about what’s displayed on the plugin page.

    Yeah, using display name there kinda makes more sense, I guess. Never thought about it.


    Woo! *dances* gracious,

    Thank you otto.
    and thanks again,
    super cool.

    Hey is possible to get it on the page too?

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