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  1. awallin
    Posted 9 years ago #

    I have a theme I am reasonably satisfied with that is variable width.
    I think I would like to try it as fixed width and see how it looks etc, would make posting wider pictures easier since they dont get hidden under the sidebar.

    I'm thinking I want all the contents inside <body> enclosed by something like
    <table width=1000 border=0>

    would that be the correct way to do it ?
    what theme file do I edit ?

  2. Please give a link to your site. It all depends on what theme you are using. ;)

  3. awallin
    Posted 9 years ago #

    for now I am using the wordpress classic theme with some minor modifications. I'll hack more of the css and php when I lear more.
    http://www.anderswallin.net (don't laugh, it has only been up for a cuople of hours...)

  4. I think this'll do it:

    <div id='overallpage'> at the top.
    </div> at the very bottom

    #overallpage { width: 800px; } in your CSS file

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