Changing User Roles and Capabilities on MS (7 posts)

  1. drezac
    Posted 5 years ago #

    What I'd like to do on my MS is change the Editor role to be allowed to change the themes and customize their site.

    I tried the Capability Manager
    http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/capsman/ and the

    Role Editor: http://www.shinephp.com/user-role-editor-wordpress-plugin/

    No matter what I do- these will play nice with the Root Blog, but they won't change the user capabilities on the Users blogs.

    What can I do to make these play nicely with MS?

    Thanks for any ideas!!

  2. I think you have to change the roles per blog.

  3. drezac
    Posted 5 years ago #


    I can change their roles- no problem, but with these plug-ins the role changes don't effect their own blog dashboard, only the root blog's dashboard.

    Let me give it a try and see if that works.


  4. I believe you have to both activate the plugin per-site AND customize it per site. Which ... I don't know if that can be tweaked to work with newsite defaults...

  5. Nope, it can't.

    User roles are specific to *users* not sites. And they are not global.

  6. jamesjara
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Andrea_r please can you help me.
    i dont understand ur last comment..

    i tried add a new role type and then asign this role to the user jamesjara, but when i logging with jamesjara, the custom role dont work, and THIS IS BECAUSE , in the super admin panel, ms-users.php we have a option left corner "user section" we can change the role of the user there, here i CANT SEE me new role,only the basics of the wp.

    how can i fix this ?

  7. Basically, you can;t Not until and unless the user roles get changed in WP (there's talk of it eventually happening) or you go in every single site and set up the same role exactly on each one.

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