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  • simonb1122


    Hi guys,

    I recently changed the url of a sub-site on a multi-site URL. When I did, I found that many of the old URLS were incorrect. So I did a find and replace for the old slug to the new slug. But now some of my plugins won’t work anymore.

    Is there anywhere I should look to find the old URL?

    I’m using subfolders instead of subdomains.

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  • Samuel O.


    Hi Simon, may I know how did you do the search replace in first place?

    If you have SSH access to the server where you are hosting the site then using WP CLI you can run the search replace again:

    wp search-replace "old-url" "new-url" --dry-run --url="old-url" --precise --recurse-objects --report-changed-only

    Due to --dry-run flag, this will just give you if anymore URLs are to be replaced. It won’t actually replace the URLs.

    Once you are sure then just remove the --dry-run flag and then run the same command again.

    Since the search replace is partially done and you are suspecting that some of the URLs are not replaced, you may also need to try using the new-url in --url parameter in case above does not work. Let me know how it goes.

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    Thread Starter simonb1122


    Thank you, I used a DB find and replace. Are there other URLS not in the DB I should be wary of?

    Samuel O.


    wp_blogs or wp_site table might have some old references which you may need to check. For more details on multisite database table structure please check this section of the article.

    Thread Starter simonb1122


    Thanks, I think I found the issue. After I made the URL change, user roles are not visible.

    It only affects two of the subsites, but now I can see that I don’t have the ability to add any roles because the role dropdown is blank.

    I think problem not in jquery, but in underscore that using in js_composer.

    In render method pass wrong html object to html2element method like this:

    But this code send to html2element method html object as function that not have any properties or something else. It happen because _.template function from underscore library not render first arg(html template) before second arg not have a valid variable for first arg.

    In my opinion to solve this problem need do this:


    i using js_composer 4.7.4 and wordpress 4.5.2 and this solve problem.

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