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  • I am currently the website admin for a small PTA group. I was trying to create a new website using wordpress. While I developed the new site, I wanted to leave the old one alone. I was under then impression that I could just go back and change the siteurl when I was ready, but now that doesn’t appear to be the case.

    My site is currently installed at but I want to access it via instead.

    I have looked at the Codex examples and it appears that I just need to change the site url and move and update a few files to my root directory, but whenever I go to change the site url, I get a pop up telling me not to change that and it doesn’t let me change it at all.

    How do I change my url? Do I need to move everything to root?


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    I tried that. My files are actually located where I want them to be. I just want to change the site url, but the admin panel only tells me that I can’t. According to that link I should be able to change it if I want to.

    Do I need to change both the wordpress url and the site url and then change the wordpress back to where the files are?

    How is it telling you that you can’t? Is it greyed out or what?

    No. Any time I click in the box to change the site url, I get a pop up that says this

    ‘Warning: Modifying this field will cause your permalinks to malfunction. We strongly recommend that you do not change this field.

    Please note that this field should match the web address of your blog installation directory. If you chose to make your blog your home page when you installed WordPress, your blog was automatically configured to display at your domain. You should NOT change the value of this field to match your domain.’

    When I click ok it goes away, but it pops up the next time I try to click in the box again.



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    My files are actually located where I want them to be.

    I did realise that but if you read the page I linked to above and then proceed as if you’d only just moved WP to the sub-folder, the method works. I’ve used it multiple times.

    I have tried that. The value in the WordPress URL field is correct. It is the Site URL field that needs to change. If I can change it then I can do the rest of the steps moving the index.php and the .htmaccess files, but I can’t change the Site URL field to the root directory.

    Is there a way to get around the pop up that is preventing me from changing the site Url?

    mrspeachykeen – I don’t get that alert on my install at all. What plugins are you running, and what version of WP?

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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