Changing upload directory does not update attachments (3 posts)

  1. I noticed that if you change the uploads directory, that it only changes the entry in the _options table, and does not update the previously attached files in the _postmeta table. Nor does it automatically move any files from one directory to the other like I would assume a good directory change should.

    This isn't a bug, as much as it seems to be an oversight in my opinion. Maybe not many people need to change their uploads directory on a live website, but in the event an admin needs to do so the admin interface should manage this for us.

    I haven't found anything else documenting this, and I'm looking for opinions on if I should add this to the bug tracker or not?

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  3. Michael Fields
    Posted 6 years ago #

    My opinion would be "yes please".

    One very large problem that I find with WordPress's attachment handling is that so much data is serialized and stored in the database including the url to to the attachment. Moving a site to a new domain is pure madness ( unless you export / import which seems to be buggy in 2.6.2 ).

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