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    Hello. I’ve been looking at both Luminescence and Celestial. The features list for both of these themes (on the developer’s site) mention ‘extensive typography’. I took this to mean it was possible to adjust the theme fonts as well as the colours, but having installed these themes, it doesn’t seem to be possible.

    Can you tell me if it is, and if so where I can do this?

    Also, is it possible to configure Luminescence to show a header in addition to the sidebar, and to use a carousel in this location?

    Thank you

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    Greetings… was there anything specific you were wanting to change the fonts of? There’s several instances of font use throughout the style.css so let me know and I will be happy to point them out for you 🙂

    For the other question, this theme offers two header choices, one is the WP Header (found under the Appearance admin menu), the other is a widget position “Banner” which you can definitely use that for sliders or any other media form you want in that location. Not sure what you mean in addition to the sidebar, this theme will always have a sidebar column…

    Hi. Thanks for the reply.

    I was thinking about the ability to change the fonts of menu items and the headers, not just the textual content of pages. Other themes I’ve looked at had a typography section in the theme customization area that controlled the fonts applied throughout the theme, as well as size and colour, but I don’t see anything on Luminescence or Celestial… if it’s there, I apologise and can you point it out? 😉

    Ah, in addition to the sidebar referred to the fact that many themes seem to remove the sidebar when applying a full width header so, never mind.

    If I may expand this topic a little, is it possible to create a grid on a static main page, perhaps by using sticky posts, or posts with featured images, displayed in columns? My intention is to use these featured posts as permanent links to the main topic divisions of the site.

    Thank you

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    This thread might help

    The menu font is found in the theme’s style.css around line 1474

    `#equal-well nav.main-menu ul li {
    font: bold 15px merienda, serif;
    color: #f5f5f5;

    The headings around line 549

    h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 {
    	font: normal 24px merienda, sans-serif;
    	margin-bottom: 0.813em;

    I was planning to build more of a font option in the theme but it actually becomes more overhead for font offerings, so I decided to recommend using a font plugin which lets you use across other themes as well. There are option settings for colours of headings, and other typography elements, and more by going to the theme’s Appearance >> Customize

    By the way, not sure if you are aware of setup tutorials on my site for this theme: Luminescence Lite Tutorials

    For the sidebar element, this theme unfortunately does not have a full width page option. Sorry about that.

    For custom inline column layouts, you might want to check out page builder plugins that lets you create layouts with drag and drop capabilities. I’ve never tried any before so I won’t be able to recommend a specific one, but also, they make work differently in some themes.

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