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  • I’m stuck in changing the 2016 theme.
    I would like to put the main menu on the top line and have that always visible.
    Now when the viewport gets smaller than 910px the “hamburger” menu appears and the main menu becomes visible in the footer. I don’t want that

    I imagined it would only changing take some CSS. But I got lost. Please can somebody help me out. Thanks

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  • Hello!

    Look in your header.php (using a child of Twenty Sixteen), find and remove
    <button id="menu-toggle" class="menu-toggle" aria-expanded="false" aria-controls="site-navigation social-navigation">Menu</button>

    Then change the CSS of

    <div id="site-header-menu" class="site-header-menu"


    <div id="site-header-menu-foo" class="site-header-menu-foo"

    (to test this concept, I arbitrarily renamed the ID and Class names for the site header menu div 😉

    This should get you started!
    Good luck!

    Hello Beau,

    First of all thanks for your answer.

    I couldn’t find the fragment you referred to.
    The only place in (2016) header.php that had button id="menu-toggle" in it was line 47, that reads:
    <button id="menu-toggle" class="menu-toggle"><?php _e( 'Menu', 'twentysixteen' ); ?></button>

    I removed and reinstalled the theme 2016, but nothing changed compared to what I said above.

    I commented out the “button” line but the effect still is that when the screen-width narrows down to less then 910 px the hamburger menu re-appears.

    I hope you can help find the working solution,



    Hi Beau,

    One more thing.
    When I comment-out the button line and
    implement the proposed css changes,
    when I narrow down the width of the viewport to less than 910px,
    I get a small vertical menu on the righthand side as well as a full width menu in the footer.

    What I want is my main menu horizontally positioned on the top of the page without ever disappearing.
    So I do not want see the righthand menu, the “footer”-menu or the hamburger icon.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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