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  1. Red1
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I would like to change themes on my blog but have come up against a problem regarding featured images.

    My current theme allows for the uploading of an image to the post and then creates a thumbnail of the image to use on the excerpt.

    The theme I wish to change to requires the thumbnail to be a featured image. It will require an additional step to select the image a second time but I can accept that.

    The biggest problem I can see is creating a featured image for all the preceding posts that will be brought from the current theme. Is there a way of tagging the currently used images a featured images so they will show as the thumbnail?
    We're talking about nearly 2,500 post/images


  2. gerald@WPcustoms
    Posted 2 years ago #

    there is a plugin which will re-create all thumbnails according to the sizes set in the theme files. so if the new theme defined a new image size (i.e. for the featured image) the plugin will create it.

    not sure if that will help in your case but you may have a look at it:

    (pls keep in mind - your content folder could end up with several thousand images generated by WP - one for each defined size (thumbnail, medium large, fullsize, + additional sizes * 2,500)

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