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  1. michael.fidler
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Hi all...

    We have a very large site built with WP. +75 pages.
    In the hopes of building SEO properly we want to create page urls that are seo friendly. I understand taht we can do this with permalinks.

    Currently the default urls are structured as...

    but we would like it to look like this...


    Questions I have are:

    Can we simply change to permalinks?
    What happens to the pages that have the old default url set up?
    Which would be the best one to choose in ordet to achieve this?
    Are there any other things we need to turn on or off to achieve this?

    I have to say that WP frightens me a bit as I more familiar with the old fashioned simple html days of past.

    Any simple instructions would be really helpful..


  2. Mark / t31os
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Any of the provided permalink structures use that URL format for pages, the only thing that changes between each sturucture is the URL for posts and post archives, categories, tags, etc...

    Pages are always in this format using any permalink structure, except default.


    ..and for sub-pages..


    In regard to using custom permalink structures i do like Otto's explanation of why certain structures are problematic.

    Hope that helps.

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