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  • I am new to WP, but have been reading and studying for the past 30 days.

    I have investigated a lot of themes. I know you can easily switch the themes, this is a cool feature. BUT, it looks like if you spend some time building a layout based on one theme, such as widgets in columns and photo galleries, etc, that simply switching to another theme COULD create huge display problems. It seems that the placements would be at the mercy of the new theme, so maybe for example an image slider would be in a different place in one theme vs, another.

    If I understand the themes correctly, changing between themes is a great option, but I need to be careful, and carefully design each theme, keeping in mind the locations for parts of the page. i.e., a calendar I might position in one theme in the right column could end up in the left column.

    So, simply flipping the switch to change the theme could lead to a layout with a crazy organizational structure. (I am envisioning something similar to Joomla, where the names might be the same from theme to theme, but the locations for placement can be anywhere the theme builder put them, where left column could be in the footer if the designer did it this way, is this how WP works as well, or is it more structured, where a footer is always a footer, etc?)

    When I look at layouts for WP themes, I do not see themes with 40 locations for content, like is possible in Joomla. Maybe some WP themes have this, as the designer can do whatever they want, but I mostly see, header, footer, ads, left column, right column , etc.

    Thanks for any help on this.

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  • You are correct, theme based locations are dependent on the theme. Things like widgets, sliders, etc.

    Switching between themes will affect this.

    Themes have as many content areas as are coded. Some can have many, there are a lot of advanced themes out there. Some only have the basics like you mention. The amount of content/widget areas are determined by the theme, WordPress leaves this open to the developer to do what they want

    Hi Voodoo,
    Thank you for the reply so quickly. I looked at so many themes and I can see how they work, but to really take advantage of having two themes for a site, unless they are super simple sites, with only a few widgets, etc. would be a real task. Basically each theme would be a complete project in itself, yes. It could be done, to point, but as as the site got bigger, the headaches would multiply.

    So, the best thing is to find one theme and massage it into shape the way you want it to appear.


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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