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  • I am really new to all of this and pleased as punch that I even got My wordpress theme up and running. Now I would like to change the navigation bar titles. At least I think that is what they are called. (see I warned you) Let Me try to describe it.

    Up at the top of My template there are titles to what I think of as pages because when you click on them they take you to the page in your blog that offers what ever you are looking for. Right now the read;
    Home, About Us, Archives, links, Contacts, and last but not least Blogs.

    I would like to change the one that says, About Us, to about Me. How do I do that and what is the geek term for that part of the page. It looks like a navigation bar to me.


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    Go to Manage > Pages and click on the link to About Us. If you’re using 2.5 – 2.6.1, in addition to changing the title, you can change the link right below the title to …/about-me/ and click save.

    When I click on manage, then pages, a phrase “all pages”in black is there then next to that “Published (1)”
    under that there is a “delete button”
    under that is a gray tool bar that contains “a small white box”, the kind you might put a check mark in
    next to that the word “title” next to that “author” next to that “a little gray icon” of some kind, next to that the word “statues”
    Underneath that is a window with “another little white check box”, then directly under the word title it says “about”, under the word author it says “admin”, under the icon “another icon”, under the word status the word “published”.

    There is nothing else on the page except a search bar, at the top right, that says search pages and something above that,telling you “wp 2.6.1 is available”. There is no phrase saying “about me” anywhere on the page. NO WHERE

    Now what?

    I have a question if you have to go through all of this to find out how to change two words in the navigation bar, how long does it take to finally see a wordpress you can work with? What I have up there is not even close to what I want. The only thing that is there is the background colors I want to use. I have My own header and My own images. I like the side bar where it is but the navigation titles are all wrong. I’m really concerned now because it looks like it could take months to get a simple page set-up. Is that the case?

    I just went to the page again for giggle and grins, and click on the word about and changed it to “about Me” it changed it in the side bar on the left. Id did nothing to the Navigation bar at the top right under the header image. I’m speaking of the words at the TOP of the page that run horizontal, across it, if you go to the page you might see what I am speaking of.

    Can you tell Me please how to post in the forum? I have no idea how I managed to get this post/thread in. I can’t find any of the information I need in the threads already posted. I have been in here about a month. I’m going to lose My business if I can’t get any help. It’s difficult for Me to understand why this is so popular when it is so hard to use. I happen to have 4 webpresses up right now and every time I try to do a simple change it ruins what is up there. My biggest problem is I am very visual and used to using an html editor that you can toggle between the html code and the preview. Here it appears I have to save it go look at it in the site and if it is wrong I’m screwed and can’t undo the damage. I need to find out how to undo something if I need to or how to view it before I save it. And I REALLY need to know how to get to the option where you post a new thread. Right now all I know how to do is get back here by doing a search under the title.

    Thank you



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    I can read your frustration, but you must know that there’s a learning curve to any software and most of us here in the forum are volunteers to support this opensource/free software.

    To view the topics you have posted before, click on the link “view my profile” after you log in. To view the post/page after you save and before you publish, click on “view this page/post” button. To change what appears on bar, check this article by Lorelle.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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