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  • A very useful plugin. But unfortunately I’ve encountered some problems.

    (1) As probably intended, it is possible to import the Spots from another server using the standard ‘WordPress Importer’ plugin. When creating widgets on the new server a selection pulldown appears which allows the selection of one of the imported Spots posts. When saving, the content is pulled from the Spots post to the widget properly, but not the title. The title has to be copied manually.

    (2) Changing the title of a Spots post does not change the title in the associated widget. This is independant from imported Spots posts.

    Especially the second feature would be great, as it allows users to work on the Spots posts and not to change the widgets directly.

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  • Plugin Author Robert O’Rourke



    That was a decision I took specifically because the minute you tie the two things together you lose some flexibility.

    Lets say you want to display a spot but not it’s title as would happen if using spots via the template tag, or using the spot as an advert placement (which we do) the widget title shouldn’t be required but at the same time the spot post needs a name so you can find it easily in the admin or call it easily via a template tag.

    I had thought about checking if the widget and post titles match and keeping them synced when they change but it’s a fairly significant piece of work and will probably cause problems for people who use the plugin differently. It’s impossible to please everyone 🙁

    I do like your idea of bringing in a smart default for the widget title however so in the next version when you choose an existing spot in the widget dropdown the widget title will be populated from the spot title.

    Thanks for your feedback and for using the widget

    Hi SanchoTheFeet,

    If you intend to use the title of the spots post for internal management, shouldn’t the widget title stored in a custom field value? This would allow to display a title if this field is filled and to avoid the display if it is empty?

    Thanks for responding.

    Plugin Author Robert O’Rourke


    Interesting idea. I’ll have a chat with my colleagues and see what they think the most appropriate solution is.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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