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  • if i wanted to modify the names such as archives, blogroll or meta when is this done. let me start with that question first. i have more but dont want to waste your time

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  • Do you mean the titles in the sidebar? Change away.

    yes in the side bar

    my mistake, how do i change them, is it done in the index.php?

    Okay, let’s be really clear what we are talking about. First, what version of WordPress are you using? If you are in -1.2, then they would be in the index.php. If you are in 1.5 (and you “should” be), then typically the links I think you are talking about are on the sidebar. If you are not in 1.5 – consider seriously upgrading.

    Second, there is a great article on the Codex, the documentation site for WordPress, that tackles the complex issue of the sidebar links. I recommend you take a look at it:

    Third, the names you mentioned, archives, blogroll, and meta, are typically the TITLES of the different sections of links in the sidebar or wherever people have put them. They are in a nested list, which is discussed in the above article. They are usually wrapped in code that looks something like this:

    <li id="wp_meta"><?php _e('Meta'); ?>

    To change the Meta title to Fred, just type in Fred where it says Meta:

    <li id="wp_meta"><?php _e('Fred'); ?>

    Do the same with archives and Blogroll.

    Does that help?

    If you’re using 1.5, then its most likely in sidebar.php. Look for where it says things like ?php _e(‘Meta’); then you can change what it says in there.

    GREAT that sound like it is i will try that that Oriecat and Lorelle.

    i have the new version

    this is what i am doing.

    And yes, those are the titles in your sidebar. Neat site. When you are ready to have it “reviewed”, if you want, then post a note in the My WordPress section of the forum.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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