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  • mbernhardt


    I have all of 3 weeks experience with WordPress, coming previously from Dreamweaver- no other CMS experience. So I am very new to how themes and things work. For my wife’s site, I selected the 2010 Weaver template because it had a look we liked, but as I get more experience I’m finding that this theme doesn’t do everything I’d like despite several useful plug-ins I installed. So I’d like to experiment with a new theme and cut over when ready, without breaking what’s working now.

    Would Theme Switcher take care of this for me in a very non-destructive way? I want to find a template that will do things like have a featured post, a menu item for all posts except those in a particular category, etc. What are the gotchas I need to look out for when choosing new themes to work with so I don’t mess up my current installation?

    Help appreciated!!

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  • peredur


    Nothing in this world is 100% unfortunately, so things can always go wrong, but generally speaking you just install the new theme and activate it.

    However, since you seem to have a number of plugins installed, I think I’d play safe and disable the plugins first and then install the new theme. If the new theme’s OK, I’d then reactivate the plugins one-by-one, checking each time that everything’s OK with the site before reactivating the next.

    This is probably less than half an hour’s work. So unless the site is extremely busy, your wife’s users will probably hardly notice.





    One thing I did notice with Theme Switcher is that the widget areas seem to get reset- Including the one where I put Theme Switcher! So when I changed to a different theme, I had to reinstall Theme Switcher in a widget area in order to change back! And then put back what the web site had before I started.

    What I’m really looking for at this point is a way to customize a new theme and verify that me site looks the way I want it to before putting it into production. I was thinking to install a 2nd wordpress installation and copy the html from some of the production pages and posts into it (so that I can see real but non-production pages), and then when ready copy the appropriate files to the production directory.

    Is that how do people do this or is there a better way?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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