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  1. hotgirlscoolstuff
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    I am using the Blackbird theme for my website HotGirlsCoolStuff.com. I like the pages but would like more options for the front page. Can I change themes and more my pages relatively easy or do I have to build a new site?


  2. WPyogi
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    Sure, changing themes is easy and one reason why WP is so cool! You'll need to redo some theme options/settings as they are theme-specific, but it's usually pretty easy to do.

    If your site is live, you could put up a maintenance page plugin while you are working on the transition or possibly try:


  3. hotgirlscoolstuff
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Thanks so much for your quick reply.

    Since I have seen your replies before and you seem very knowledgeable, I am going to toss out a couple other issues. 1) do you have any suggestions for a more interactive theme? 2) add sports scores to my site but can't find a good plug in 3) increase page speed.

    thanks again

  4. WPyogi
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    Hmm, those aren't necessarily easy answers -

    #1 - not sure what you mean by interactive - but in general a lot depends on what how you set up the site and your content - anything in particular you have in mind or that you want?

    #2 - what kind of sports scores? A table of results or a feed from someplace or ??

    #3 - page speed depends on a lot of variables - your site - plugins, theme, your content, and also in a big way your hosting, to name a few. You can often get useful info from a site like http://gtmetrix.com/

  5. hotgirlscoolstuff
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Thanks again for the response.

    1) Interactive was the wrong word, I mean I want a reason for people to hit the sight almost daily. This is where the sports score idea comes from. Create daily interest. I was also thinking of a RSS news feed but not sure it will fit the feel of my site.

    2) It was gtmetrix that makes me believe I can get my site speed to improve. I tried to install W3 total cache to help but it won't take. I have super cache instead.

    3) I now have a third question. I have been SEOing individual pages. However, when I am done, my page spacing is messed up and jumboed. It's like all the "  's" are deleted. I Seo in 30-40 minutes then spend an hour or more in the text section trying to respace so the page looks eye appealing again. This often happens as I add to a page. Why?

    Thanks for any light you can share on these subjects.

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