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  • Hi, I’m a complete beginner at all of this, so thank you in advance for any help you can offer. I am using for hosting and they set-up WordPress 1.0 for me.

    I downloaded a theme from the theme directory, and Manage Themes says next I need to upload it to a wp-content/themes directory, but I cannot find that directory. Would that be somewhere on the hard drive of my computer? Or would it be part somewhere on my mydomain management page?

    I am just completely lost, TIA for any help or suggestions.


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  • whooami



    Would that be somewhere on the hard drive of my computer?


    Please use common sense when tackling these problems. Certainly something sitting on your hard drive isn’t going to affect a change to your web site.

    Where is your WordPress blog, what is the URL?

    Standard WordPress installs come with a wp-content directory.

    How are you attempting to locate the directory?

    The codex covers uploading and managing themes in depth:

    Note that that article provides two ways, “Using an FTP client to access your host web server”, or uploading through cpanel.

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