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  • I’m new to WordPress, new to CSS. I’ve been messing with my chosen themes style.css (the default theme) but I can’t for the life of me discern which value changes the width of the post area. I’ve tried changing the widecolumn class and tried changing the page style, but neither seems to help.

    The problem arises from my use of flickr. I want fairly large images, and flickr’s default posting uses a 500 px image, which is a tad bigger than the left hand column in the default theme. I’ve changed so many things, but can’t find the magic bullet. Any help is much appreciated.

    edit:I should have said, my site is:


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  • 1. If you are new try to tweak anything but the default.
    2. In other words: stay away from it 🙂
    3. The width is defined by this image:
    4. Find another – wide! – theme if you want to use big images.


    sigh… I’ve seen that suggestion (to not try to change the default) in the forum, but had hoped it wouldn’t be a big deal to just change this one thing. But I’ve made a bunch of changes already to the sidebar, and would like to not try to make them again elsewhere. And, I like this style…

    but, I tried the above suggestion, or my understanding of it, by resampling the jpg that supposedly sets width to 800 pixels, which is something like 60 pixels wider than the original image. To no avail! I see no difference in the resultant page, even after clearing my cache. I’d love a clarification if someone is willing…


    if someone is willing….
    Sorry, you’ll have to wait until a K. fanatic comes by.

    looks ok to me,

    are you still having the problem?

    Thanks Ronny, yeah, I’m still having the problem. I got rid of the test example post because it was ugly. But what happens is that if I post an image that is 500 px wide, that is a tad wider than the “post area”. Moshu above suggests that the width of the post area could be controlled through the size of this file:
    but, in fact, that changes the width of the overall page (not the post area alone), according to my tests.

    Ah well.

    i was having the exact same problem with kubrick and flickr images screwing up the sidebar.

    what i did to get rid of the left and right “margins” in the kubrick theme was to just change the whole theme!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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