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    Hello all.
    I’ve just upgraded to 2.0.1 because I want to change the upload dir. (I have no ftp access @ work, so I want to upload the images using it.)
    After upgrading to 2.0 the upload dir was changed, it was a custom dir. Now, with the new release, it should be possible to change the upload dir.

    Is it in the setup? I can’t find any clues as to where I can change it…

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  • As far as i know it’s in options > Misc

    That’s my problem. It isn’t. The option dissapeared when I upgraded from 1.5.x to 2.0.
    Too my dissapointment, I wasn’t able to change the upload dir after the upgrade, but was happy too see option was returned after the update. But now I can’t find it.

    Is it possible my custom language file is keeping it from showing?

    They have reinstated the option in 2.01 have you upgraded to that ?

    As topper said, it is in Administration > Options > Miscellaneous.


    Hi guys.
    I’ve just deleted my language files from the server, too see if that was keeping the option from appearing.
    This isn’t the case…

    I have looked in Admin -> options -> Miscellaneous, but it isn’t there.

    This is what I get on that page:

    Miscellaneous Options

    [] Track Links’ Update Times

    [] Use legacy my-hacks.php file support

    I have upgraded to 2.0.1, that is also what it says in the footer…

    Darn, the update isn’t completed succesfully.
    I just manually uploaded the new file (options-misc.php) and refreshed, it’s there now.

    I’m gonna see what went wrong later today.
    Sorry guys, it’s a PBKC :’)

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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