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  • Hi!

    I want to change the text “Leave a reply“, “Submit” and other words in the comment-area on one of my blogs.

    I have searched the forums, but not being able to find a solution.

    I have read this thread, but for some reason it is locked so I am forced to start a new topic πŸ˜‰

    I am using the theme named ‘News‘.

    • I have searched for the words in the file comment.php that is included in the theme. I have also searched in the other theme-files. No luck.
    • I have changed the words in the language-files included in the theme ( and news-en_EN.po) but it didn’t work.
    • I have also been so desperate that I’ve changed the words in the comment-template.php file in the ‘included‘ directory, even though I know that this will be overwritten by a WordPress update. This. Did. Not. Work.

    If you want to help me, I would be the happiest swedish guy ever!

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  • As was mentioned several times throughout the other thread, there is a good chance you’ll be looking for the comment_form(); function within your comments.php file (if you can’t find the text itself?)

    You’re looking to add an array of arguments, as shown on the Codex, to the function like the couple of examples below:

    <?php comment_form( array( 'title_reply' => 'Go on, Leave a Reply!' ) ); ?>

    <?php comment_form( array( 'title_reply' => 'Want to Reply?', 'label_submit' => 'Post Comment' ) ); ?>

    A link to your website would be particularly useful so we could see what ‘News’ theme you’re actually using, is it one freely available on Extend, or Premium? πŸ™‚

    Thread Starter Nickandia


    Thank you Mark, for helping me!

    So, for you others that will find this thread, what I did was:

    I found <?php comment_form(); ?> and replaced it with <?php comment_form( array( 'title_reply' => 'Comment here please', 'label_submit' => 'Go go go!' ) ); ?>

    Look for more possibilities in the list of arrays that can be found in the link Mark posted.

    Thanks, Mark. For pointing to solution.

    S. Bush

    Fantastic, thanks Mark and Nicandia, I have been hunting for a solution that works and this is it!

    One small point – is it better to copy the whole comments.php file into a child template and amend it there, to prevent WordPress updates setting it back again?

    Thanks for your help, really appreciated.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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