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  1. flipjargendy
    Posted 8 years ago #

    I have a blog hosted at http://flipjarg.blinkenshell.org/blog/ (notice the trailing slash) without using a trailing slash the webpage will not load. This is because of the settings on my host's server.

    There is a problem with the feeds though. When someone subscribes to the feeds they get the URL without the trailing slash which does not load the page.

    When I setup the blog I edited the necessary tables (siteurl and home) in the database. They both have the trailing slash. However, it seems to me there is probably a piece of global code that needs to be changed so the trailing slash is included. I might be wrong though.

    I've been looking through the documentation all morning for something but haven't seen anything extremely useful yet. Does anyone know where I might find something that will help me fix this?


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