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  • The topic title might be a little misleading, but I didn’t really know what title to give this question, but since it relates to changing the post page, I figured it would be fine.

    So I actually figured out how to change the posts page and set up a static front page. Right now I have a landing page that is my front page and then a journal page, which is where my posts appear.

    My issue is that when I click on a post the journal link in my navigation doesn’t stay selected. And I would like users to know that when they click on a post they are still in the journal area by having the journal link in the navigation stay selected, but I can’t figure out how to get the journal link to remain highlighted as the current link.

    When a user goes to journal (the page that displays all of my posts) the journal link in the navigation stays selected. It’s only when a user clicks on a post that journal is no longer selected.

    So I guess my question is:
    How do I get the post page link to stay current/selected when on a post?

    I mean, I think I have an idea why it is not staying selected just by looking at the url’s. When I’m on the journal page the url is (by the way I’m working locally which is why I can’t link to the site):


    And when I’m on a post the url looks like this:


    When really it should look like this:


    so that all the posts recognizes the journal as its parent, but I can’t figure out how to do that.

    Anyways, any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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