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  • I’m having the hardest time changing the number of Featured Images (thus posts) per row on the home page. I’ve poured through the css stylesheet and home.php but am at a lost. It displays in rows of 4. I have 6 posts I need displayed. I’d settle on center aligning if I could, but I haven’t got that working. If anyone could figure out how to change the number of images in a row to 3, so I could have 2 rows of 3, well that’d be a relief.

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    Site address is very useful here otherwise we’ll be dealing with hypotheticals.

    Good luck., thanks for the quick reply.

    Two ways to fix this, by setting the string <?php if ( ( $counter % 4 ) == 0 ) { ?> to <?php if ( ( $counter % 3 ) == 3 ) { ?>

    or by changing the .hentry width in your stylesheet to be larger, in my case 30%. It’s default value of 23.2409blahblahblah is why 4 of them was the limit on a row.

    I attempted to do the above and it did not work. I would like to have 3 images per row. Do you have any ideas?
    site is:

    I need some help with this, I had 3 coloumns and changed back to 4. Now all of my featured images are left aligned. Please provide direction. Thanks 🙂

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    It’s best to start your own threads for your own issues.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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