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  • I’d like to see this as an option as well.

    PS – loving the features of this plugin so far.

    I’d like to see that too…


    Plugin Contributor imath


    Ok then i’ll see what i can do in this direction on next upgrade of the plugin. Thanks for your interests.

    +1 from moi also.

    We have to rename and rebrand our entire BuddyPress site to comply with regulations around using the names (WordPress, BuddyPress, etc) in our projects. Having the site and crucial components named Buddy-anything doesn’t make sense to any members (except the site developers). Right now to find our site, members often search for BuddyPress in Google and of course they end up at and wonder what they are seeing. So, the ability to re-label this component would be most welcome.


    A big +1 on that…

    Hi imath,

    The WPMUdev Chat plugin just went through the same process of allowing the slug and the menu label to be set (although for the Chat plugin it appears they have done it at a BuddyPress group level with sensible defaults – this is extreme granular control but perhaps there are BuddyPress sites with groups that wish to call a component by different names!) With BuddyDrive, I’d be happy with this kind of control at the site level. Having different names for the same function in different groups sounds like chaos for group administrators and internal documentation. Perhaps BuddyDrive can take a custom menu label and slug approach similar to that of the Chat plugin but at the site level. Just a suggestion.

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    Thanks Vernon, currently working on BP My Home and testing things in this direction. I will then take care of it for BuddyDrive.

    I’m interested in what’s happening in BP My Home. I tried an older version of this plugin a while ago but my community wasn’t ready for that level of personalisation. Maybe we are now… I’ll check it out. Thanks for keeping us posted regarding BuddyDrive. Merci!

    Thank you for the plugin! I have instituted the latest version of BuddyDrive on my site for student clubs (groups) to use, but my concern is the “change the name” feature only shows up under the user’s profile and does not reflect the change on the group Buddydrive. Can (A) make the “change the name” be consistent across the site or (B)(and my support) have a separate “change the name” for the group BuddyDrive?

    Thank you again for a great plugin and very well thought out and user friendly. The users love the integration of this file/folder system into their groups.

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    Since version 1.1, in the settings of the plugin, just above the 3 fields, you’ll find this mention :
    NB : to customize the name and the slug of the main directory page, you need to edit the title and permalink of its WordPress page

    If you click on the link that is attached to “WordPress page”, then you are opening the BuddyDrive root directory page. From there, simply change the title of the page. (i advise you not to edit the permalink, if you really want to, please read carefully )

    This change will spread in group’s tabs, group’s admin etc…

    Thank you. I made my changes. Keep up the great work!


    Plugin Contributor imath


Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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