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  • Hey everybody. I’m making a magazine-style blog that will rely heavily on the_post_thumbnail and I really dislike the way 3.0.1 handles applying thumbnails to posts.

    The actual uploading process is fine, but after that’s through WP launches the full media panel asking you to caption and describe the image, and then puts a dinky “use as a featured image” text link next to the much bigger and much more prominent “Insert into Post” button.

    I’m handing this theme off to people who aren’t necessarily WP savvy, so I was hoping someone knows a way to edit what displays in the media panel when someone is attempting to add a thumbnail.

    I’ve tried looking for plugins to handle this, but so far no luck. Anyone have any advice/ideas

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  • I don’t have the exact kind of solution you need. Before WP3.0, I coded a plugin for a client that adds an edit panel with a select list to set the thumbnail. It displays the current thumbnail and sits right at the top of the right column so the non-savvy users can’t miss it or be confused how to use it.

    The “limitation” was the list only contains images attached to the post. Otherwise, a simple select list would become way too long. For using thumbnails from elsewhere, the “advanced” user can use the default WP thumbnail functionality.

    So if your users might have an easier time using something like this instead of specifying which picture to use as a thumbnail when they upload, you might want to consider coding a plugin like that.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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