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    Hi guys, I’m having some trouble changing the font color of my theme. I tried all the CSS stuff, but I’m not getting anywhere. My background is black, so I’d like to change all the fonts to white or light grey.

    Here is a link to my blog:

    Any help would really be appreciated.


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  • Michael


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    font colors are for instance:

    color: #333;

    unless you use a tool such as Firebug to identify which styles to edit, there is no other way than going through the whole style.css line-by-line …

    the main general one is:

    body {
    	margin: 0;
    	font: 0.75em/1.75em 'Helvetica Neue', Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;	/* 12 / 16 = 0.75;  21 / 12 = 1.75 */
    	color: #444;
    	background: #fff;
    	padding: 0;

    change #444 to a color code of your choice.

    there are some others…

    Hi alchymyth, thanks for the message.

    I have edited the CSS that you’ve suggested, I changed “color: #444” to “color: #fff” because I’m trying to make the text white.

    Once I save the settings, I visit my site and nothing has changed. Why is this, please tell me. What other things could I edit?




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    I don’t see the changes in style.css of your theme on your site.

    how did you edit style.css of your theme?

    That’s because I made it back to the default color (#444) after seeing no change. Okay, I have edited it again to #fff and updated the file. Please let me know if you find anything.



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    if you don’t see the changes, you might need to clear the browser cache – reload the web page – press ‘CTRL F5’ – delete the browser history – whatever your browser needs…

    Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is great, I’ve been struggling with this problem for an entire day. I really appreciate it, the font colors are now white like i wanted.

    Thanks for all your help.

    Hey man, sorry to bother you again. I have another problem that I’d like to sort out. As you can see, the text is now white with red hyperlinks.

    When I hover over the red hyperlinks, they turn black and then I am unable to see them unless I move the cursor away. How do I change this?

    Please tell me, sorry again for asking so much questions.

    thanks in advance

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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