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  • The WP comments fields consists of :
    – name
    – email
    – website
    – comment

    I like to change it to :
    – name
    – email
    – company
    – comments

    Some problems i cannot resolve

    • how to make all 4 fields required (in the wp admin < settings < discussions I can make name and email required)
    • how to show the comments so that the name and the company are visible (eg “John Doe, HisCompany” said: …”).

    What I would like to achieve (so perhaps there is a better solution) :

    • Comments only by corporate users (using their professional email adress). In order to do so, I use the Plugin “Comment E-mail Verification”
    • rating system : users can rate a service described in the post. I used to use the plugin “Customer Reviews”. Althoug very nice, there is no solution to verify the E-Mail (so in fact everyone can write reviews using someone else name/email…

    Hope you can help me,

    Kind regards

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  • Hi chiefbief,
    Regarding your “Some problems i cannot resolve”
    for second one you have to edit fields name in wp-admin/comment.php to show your name and the company are visible.

    and for the first solution. you have to do changes on wp core files.

    Hope this will help you.

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