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  • Hello, I am trying out the event organiser calendar which appears to do all that I was hoping it would.
    I was wishing to have a widget version of the calendar displayed on the front page of the site. I can get this to appear but would like to style it to be more compatible with the site style. Where do I do this? There is no mention of the calendar in the theme style.css file. Where is the styling for the widget calendar?
    I had a look in the fullcalendar.min.css but its a bit of a dense block of code to know where to unravel it if this is where changes can be made.

    I am using pacify as the theme and the main calendar renders well in the setup.
    Any help would be much appreciated.

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  • Plugin Author Stephen Harris


    Styling of the calendar is done entirely by the theme.

    Simply edit the theme’s style.css to make any changes. (You can just make additions to it, to over-ride the default styling). Use the classes added to the widget to target the calendar.

    Hello Stephen,

    Many thanks for your information.
    Does changing the style.css for the calendar change both the main and the widget versions of the calendar?
    I have a main calendar page which looks fine and I can see how I can modify this via the css. However the widget on the front page which I am using of the main calendar has none of the styling of the main calendar and I was wondering why this was. Can the css for this be edited elsewhere?

    Hear from you when you can.


    Plugin Author Stephen Harris


    It depends, you the event widget calendar has its own HTML class, so you can specifically target the calendar.

    Equally you can use the classes common to both and modify them both.

    The widget calendar was designed to (generally) inherit the same styling of the ‘post’ widget so as to give it a more ‘native-to-the-theme’ look.

    You can edit the CSS anyway you feel is best (I’d recommend against editing anything you’ll want to update – i.e. plug-ins, or non-child themes, as you’ll the loose the changes when you do). You can change the CSS in a child theme, or JetPack’s CSS editor, or in a custom built plugin.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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