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    I’m interested in downloading your plugin. I work for a swedish site that has woocommerce and UX builder flatsome theme. On our product pages and in our cart we have “related/suggested products” at the bottom. I’m interested in changing the headlines for these texts. Right now it says “you might also like” but I want to say “you’re not forgetting..?” or something similiar. I was advised that I could use your plugin for this since it is not possible to do in Woocommerce.

    I was wondering exactly how to do this though since I don’t actually want to change the language of any text. Maybe you could guide me step by step?

    I watched this video.

    But I got confused about what to do since I don’t actually want to translate anything. So when I choose wordpress language – do i choose Swedish? When I chose translate to translate do i choose Swedish?

    Pls help!
    Best regards,

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Does this string come from WooCommerce, or are you using some extension (i.e. a different plugin)?
    If it’s inside WooCommerce, then obviously, there already is a translation, and it’s actively maintained. Every now and then someone will translate a string (or fifty) or update some string somwhere – and half an hour later a new language pack for Swedish will be created and made available via your updates screen. Every so often, WordPress will just grab pending translation updates just as a side-effect of doing other updates.

    Yes, you could use Loco Translate (or offline tool Poedit) to fix these things in the .po and .mo files, but you need a different approach. You need a filter. Try

    EditAdd: I may be wrong with what I’m suggesting. After all, I have never used Loco, nor Say What. Just have my own understanding about how they work. And I do know some of the details around WordPress translation, although it’s all as volunteer.

    Plugin Author Tim W


    Translating source texts to English is the same as “translating” to any language. Just create a en_US translation file.

    See also this guide:

    I just had a deeper look. It seems Loco would also be able to override translations if you do it the right way. Good to know.



    Hello everyone,
    thank you so much for your input and help!

    So just to be clear I want to change a Swedish string to a different Swedish string. So I want to change the phrase “du gillar kanske också?” to “du glömmer väl inte”?.

    Can I do this with your plugin? I’m not actually translating anything.

    If so, do I just choose swedish as my language and search for that string (which is part of Woocommerce)?

    Thanks again!

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    More specifically, in your local installation, you want to use a different translation for the string: You may also like…

    If I understood the descriptions correctly, with Loco you may load a different translation file. But you may need to update it from time to time, when new strings show up in the plugin.
    If I’m wrong, then I’m sure I’ll be corrected below 🙂
    It may also be possible that the plugin “Say What” might allow you to “cherry-pick” strings you want to alter. (But I’m not sure.)

    Plugin Author Tim W


    To answer this question would be to repeat everything I’ve written in the beginners guide and the link I gave earlier.

    It does’t matter whether the language is English or Swedish, or anything else. The process is the same. If there’s something you feel is missing from the tutorials, or that you don’t understand, please let me know.

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