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    In my cart page, there’s a “cart-collaterals” section that includes “cart_totals”. In this section, Shipping, total sum and TAX is calculated and shown. The problem i Have is quite tiny, but yet so annoying. I’ve translated the site to Swedish, but theres a word i cannot find and translate manually.

    In the Cart Total section it sais “incl. Moms” (note: Moms=VAT) So what i want to do is to change the text “incl” to “Varav”.

    The site is Since you might not understand swedish. I suggest to go to and add something to your cart by pressing “lägg i varukorg”. Then scroll down and see the Cart-widget and press “Visa varukorg” which translates to show cart.

    Iv’e tried looking through as many CSS and PHP, and templates related to the Cart, still cant find it. I’ve also tried to search the whole site for the text without sucess.

    Any help is very much appretiated!

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  • Hi, in noticed you are using WooCommerce v 1.6.6. You can go to wp-content/plugins/woocommmerce/languages/ and open woocommerce-sv_SE.po file.

    find the string

    msgid "incl. "
    msgstr ""

    and replace with

    msgid "incl. "
    msgstr "Varav  "

    Just need replace string incl. to Varav. Hope this will work for you.

    Thank you Terrytsang! I found the files and replaced them

    msgid "incl. "
    msgstr "Varav "

    However When i overwrite the .po file via FTP, it won’t update.

    Any suggestions how to continue?

    Thank you again

    Hi, try use POEdit to translate the PO file and it will generate MO file as well. Refer link below and find the section “Translating With Poedit”

    Hi again Terrytsang,

    That did the job! Thank you very much

    So for anyone else looking. I downloaded the POEdit and modified the translations needed. The program was setup to generate a PO and MO file on save.

    Then i used FTP to send them (and overwrite) to the wp-content/plugins/woocommmerce/languages/


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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